Helping business expand. Micro Economy is important – shop local. Big Businesses need to change their old style tactics and get into “Business Betterness” – leave a legacy. Solve a problem.

Provide experiences. Gain a solid loyal client base. Happiness cannot be bought – “experiences” to be more rewarding than “products”. Talk to a Stoneboard sales professional to change your future.

Our specialties and expertise:

Sales Consulting.
Sales Training.
Corporate Coaching.
Loyalty Program Design.
Sustainable Solutions.
Market Growth Consulting.
Strategic Planning for Retail Industry.
Web Sales (E-commerce).
Sales Material Strategy and Design.
Retail Sales Consulting.
Wholesale Consulting.

Small Business Consulting.
Enterprise Sales Analysis.
Advertising Sales Campaign Design.
Store Program Design.
Sales Handbook.
Retail Check up.
Brand Analysis.
New Business Consulting.
Franchise Expansion and Management.
Sales Forecasting.
Marketing and Advertising Design.
Marketing and Advertising Management.
Direct Marketing.
Digital Marketing.
Public Relations.

Sustainable Sales.
Crowd Sourcing.
Corporate Culture Consulting.
Customer Experience Optimization.
Point Program.
Planagram Development.
Point-Of-Sale Design.
Package Design.
Growth Strategy.
Market Positioning.
Brand Strategy.

New Concept Development.
Multi-Channel Strategy.
Globalization Strategy.
Store Operations.
Customer Service Directives.
Product Launch.
Product Placement.
Product Advertising.
Commercial and Spot Design.
Story Board Design.
Tag Line and Corporate Mission Consulting.
Competitive Analysis.
Brand Identity Re-haul.

An important part of a successful business formula: treat customers like guests & employees like people.