Expectations of brand congruency

Beware the expectations you are creating. Our subconscious mind is always scanning for what’s out of place in any given scenario. If you ordered Kobe beef and it came wrapped in a fast food package, you would likely send it…

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Vignettes of Clutter

Vignettes of clutter - Stories dedicated to business owners and entrepreneurs everywhere, on behalf of their patrons. You want to travel. You go to visit the travel agency to have an afternoon chat about your options.  You arrive at your destination -…

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Brand Design

Fully agree with Wally Olins (The brilliant, iconic corporate identity groundbreaker) : "the emotional appeal of strong brands will endure in the online environment, provided their owners police them carefully. The future of brands will be the story of new brands from…

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Retail Responsible

Retail is most commonly thought of as a physical store with glass. But it could be in a kiosk in an airport.  Maybe along the boardwalk under the sun, or digitally...'on the web' . Regardless of the business structure, part of your…

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Social business.

[dropcap2]Y[/dropcap2]es, you have noticed correctly. There has been an intense uprising of social media over the last couple of years. Is your business being social on the web? There’s the blog. The twitter account. The Facebook Fan Page. The… Now…

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