Expectations of brand congruency

BrandCongruency-BrandmavenBeware the expectations you are creating. Our subconscious mind is always scanning for what’s out of place in any given scenario. If you ordered Kobe beef and it came wrapped in a fast food package, you would likely send it back. The frame dictates initial expectations. Our brain loves to categorize and label what it is experiencing, and it does it quickly and efficiently. Like an anti-virus program, it is always running in the background without our knowledge, but when something doesn’t “fit” with your expectations, immediate warning bells ring. We have honed this ability since prehistoric times.

This goes past making sure all colours match. What we are talking about is congruency in the message, service, product, voice, etc. Focus on what your clients are interacting with when they do business with you. For example, a waiting room has a profound effect on what clients perceive the competence of the doctor. Imagine going to a plastic surgeon with a waiting room that looks like a dive bar. How long would you stick around?
It’s been said that ad writing or copy writing is salesmanship in print. Be sure the messages you are sending out on any media are congruent with each other and work together to drive the sale forward.

Because most business owners are so familiar with their business environment, they rarely see these “do not buy” signals. Many of these signals are very subtle and trigger only the subconscious. People do not make the decision to buy if their “gut” doesn’t feel right. Make sure your voice, message and appearance are consistent.