Mental Movies

Advertising is a business of words & images.

“Ninety-nine percent of advertising doesn’t sell much of anything.”
—David Ogilvy, founder, Ogilvy & Mather Advertising Agency
Agencies such as Stoneboard, exist to build the business of our clients. The recommendations we make to them should be the recommendations we would make if we owned their companies, without regard to our own short-term interest. This earns their respect, which is the greatest asset we can have.So I’m going to let you in on a huge secret.Hypnosis is about imagination and belief.Amazing coincidence so is effective advertising.If you can create the right “mental movie” in your customers’ mind, it runs even if they are in their beds staring at their eyelids and it has an unlimited budget. The use of hypnotic copy editing is part of using the science of branding can gain you increased brand success.
Sadly, effective advertising is few and far between. Most companies throw good money after bad.  Most agencies are more interested in winning creative awards rather than putting money in your pocket.
Hypnotic marketing is about getting the right message to the right person, making sure the message gets through and causing them to take action.  Hypnosis is about getting resourceful messages inside the mind.
Part of doing that is knowing the mental landscape of your recipient.

A few things to think about:
1. Know your audience on a deep level, this goes beyond demographics.
Do you have a psychometric profile of your client?
2. Are you aware of how to craft your message to make a “buying movie” in their mind?
Are you using mind access points to make sure your offer is irresistible to the prospect?
3.  Your message has to speak the customer’s language. Your customer should not have to decipher or make the mental jump get your message. If you are not leading them, the message falls on deaf ears.
The take away from this is – how much extra are you spending not to get your message and offer into the minds of people that want your product?
Talk to us about discovering & developing your brand’s movie. At Stoneboard, we use the science of branding and the neurlinguistics of transforming ideas.