Stop confusing your clients

Your brand materials need to send a consistent message.

Without marketing congruency your customers will second guess.  Congruent advertising is more effective, resulting in an increased ROI.  Brand owners should consider this approach to marketing – look to Apple & Harley Davidson, who do it well – and I’m to understand are happily profitable with many brand loyalists 😉

At the heart of this concept is the strong belief that every single aspect of the brand experience must be uncompromisingly consistent throughout all touch points with the consumer. From first exposure, to pre-purchase, to purchasing, to product decline and eventual obsolescence and finally to re-purchase — EVERY interaction must fully support the brand identity – the brand promise.    ~ JT Potts –  Founder & Creative Director


By Nathan Hager

Would you expect a good steak from a fast food joint?

Walking into a run down warehouse would you expect them to sell high-end furniture and appliances?  Odds are whether you were conscious it or not part of you questioned what you were seeing or trying to be sold.  Our subconscious mind is always scanning for what’s out of place in any given scenario.

This ability has been since before we were standing fully erect.  This incredibly powerful survival instinct was designed to sound the warning bell.  Do you want your potential customers questioning your product or your service?

I guess there are no sabre-tooth tigers in the furniture showroom. tiger-plush-stoneboardHowever, the brain is still scanning for in-congruence at an almost imperceptible level.   Congruency in your marketing goes past making sure all of the colors are the same Pantone swatch.  If you take any amazing sales person, regardless of how much training they have, the deciding factor comes down to their congruency of the message, tone and body language.   This same line of thinking has to work at every level in your business.  Much of the marketing out there today is in-congruent in the conscious and subconscious messages It’s sending.

Are you setting up doubt in your customer’s mind?


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Nathan Hager
Hypnotic Marketing
NLP Consultant for Stoneboard.