Vignettes of Clutter

Vignettes of clutter – Stories dedicated to business owners and entrepreneurs everywhere, on behalf of their patrons.

You want to travel.

You go to visit the travel agency to have an afternoon chat about your options.  You arrive at your destination – your travel agency destination – and you’re lost. Old ratty posters in the window – from decades ago: “Mexico special”…from 1988. Do they offer time travel too? Travel magazines dangerously piled vertically all around and falling over. Do they know about travel insurance?  Smell of cigarettes. Smell of rotting damp paper. Your movements are limited – cannot seem to move around due to all the paperwork piles on the floor. Too many leaning towers of Pisa you say to yourself under your breath.  There are many messages hanging from the ceiling, the door, the computer station, and even buttons on the agent’s blazer.  Your heart is now beating faster. Now you are wondering if this is the place to be. Wondering if you should even spend the money on a trip – do you need an agent? Maybe now is not the time to travel. Negative contradicting thoughts swirl in your head.


You have a great idea.

You want to start running again; to be happy and healthy. Proper footwear is a must. No heels. No stilettos. To purchase running shoes is the goal. Shopping local is important and so you plan on going to your local running shoe store. Fear sets in as you arrive.  Exterior sign is falling off and a temporary banner is hanging on by a thread. There are flyers posted all over the entrance – and not about running shoes. In the right place? – you ask yourself. The view is confusing – there is no designated area for running – just a store full of miscellaneous cardboard boxes on the floor and falling displays off the wall.  Everything is stacked and falling over. Inventory is out of control. No merchandising. No where to step foot in the isles. No room to move around and browse. If you move, things fall down.  What is the method to this madness? Do I really want to start running right now? Maybe a hot coffee or a drink to rethink this is in order.


Hunger strikes you.

Somewhere unique and local is your desired location. So you walk into the restaurant you have thoughtfully chosen and immediately pamphlets fall to the floor – of other people’s services.  No menu list. No greeting. The fan is blowing the hanging signs – signs of food that is not available to order. Old sidewalk signs falling over and cutting off access ways. Knick Knacks are everywhere. Dust settled like a dark cloud a decade ago. Floor is sticky. Posters are falling off the walls, curling and discoloured. Newspapers scattered. Coffee stains on the tables with too many table card prompts. Old glasses and plates not picked up yet. Tables haphazardly placed. No isle to walk in. You don’t know where to sit.  Is it safe to eat here?

Clutter to the eye is clutter to the brain.

Remove your clutter and your patrons will thank you.
Cobwebs are for attics not for store fronts.
Aim to create a good experience.
Simplicity is the key.
Clutter does not sell. Period.

Who does it best? Well you know…The Apple Store!