Brand Design

Fully agree with Wally Olins (The brilliant, iconic corporate identity groundbreaker) : “the emotional appeal of strong brands will endure in the online environment, provided their owners police them carefully.

The future of brands will be the story of new brands from new places asserting themselves alongside established names among the world’s retailers and media.”

Yes. Exactly.
It is simple.
A company’s brand is at the heart of its image.

An organization does not communicate just by using advertising, but through its’ created environment, its’ product design & packaging, and its’ behaviours.

Branding is central to any corporation and organization.

Designing a brand needs to be holistic in it’s strategy and clear in its communication (“messaging”).  You have the ability to control what your brand looks like to the outside world – not what people say or how they will react to your brand.

You can guide the reaction using a positive brand strategy and image.
Just use all the modern tools.
Be consistent with your brand image.
Communicate using strong iconic brand design.

Some overlook the brand communication methods. Ensure you use the “one voice” in your communication art. Whether it is your writing on your product packaging, or your website and social media portholes. Don’t be confusing with how you sound. Don’t use mixed messaging.

Your visual image must be maintained. 

Don’t be messy and always changing the way your name appears or your corporate colours.

Make it easy to spot your brand. Allow it to penetrate the sub conscious – be recognized in seconds. Then once that is completed or achieved, the message or prompting your trying to communicate will shine through brightly.

A logo.

Don’t try to launch a brand without an iconic logo.

This is your visual identity. Your Brand calling card. It does not matter if your selling a product like a new line of potato chips or even a sports team – the brand identity will not be complete without its’ logo.

Your brand is how you sound (“your voice”), what your corporate culture is, how your products are made, what packaging and merchandising tools you use, what your logo and image look like, what your advertising methods are, how your involved in communities, what environmental impact you create….it has many tentacles.

Expand your brand recognition and strengthen your image.

Take the time to properly design your brand. Don’t wait till “you have increased your sales force or found a distributor”. Stop and make sure your brand assets are in order.

Brand design.
It is your mortar & bricks to your business.

Brand design is NOT a plan for decorating.

Tip: Start with designing a brand image style guide. This will give you the rules to transcend in all your print and digital and social media endeavours.

“Design, in the end, is about creating better things for people. Along the way, it can generate better profits as well.” -Bruce Nussbaum, Editorial Editor, Business Week.

Design is art optimized to meet objectives.  Ensure your brand is designed to reflect the goals and directives of your corporation or organization.

“To design a brand is to communicate clearly by whatever means you can control or master.” -Milton Glaser, Graphic Designer

Take a look at one of the most famous ‘brand wars’ : Pepsi & Coke.

In the 1980s and 1990s the battle between the two dominant brands intensified to such an extent that the term “cola wars” was used to describe the feud.

Now the advertising battle turns to social media. You recognize both of these brands – even though they both make ‘soda’ 😉