Retail Responsible

Retail is most commonly thought of as a physical store with glass.
But it could be in a kiosk in an airport.  Maybe along the boardwalk under the sun, or digitally…’on the web’ .

Regardless of the business structure, part of your business plan and corporate culture should be ‘giving back’. Shop owners, Directors of Retail Corporations, take some responsibility.

Be retail responsible.
Be creative.
Raise some awareness.
Assist to communicate a cause / a charity.

You are a LOUD industry – so please make a difference.

Defined as per wiki: “A fundraiser is an event or campaign whose primary purpose is to raise money for a cause”.

Shops, from small village destinations to full retail franchise, you need to contribute to the community.  Use your voice, your brand legs, and raise awareness.  Use your resources and network – your community – to help causes and the community at large.

Pick something. Something you feel passion for. Something that inspires you.  Illnesses, natural disasters, community development, art and culture….or basic water, they all need support and action.

“They wanted to keep the designers New York-based, and they wanted to keep things interesting and cool,” …In the wake of Japan’s back-to-back natural and nuclear catastrophes, the retail community has shown solidarity and speed in efforts to offer support, awareness, and relief. – 60+ Designers Pack Racks for Japan In the days since Japan’s back-to-back natural and manmade catastophes, the retail community has shown solidarity and speed in efforts to offer support, awareness, and relief. Next week’s (fittingly titled) “Fashion Girls for Japan” sale will bring together 60 labels…full article.

Another example from Laubman & Pank…”Our customers can get involved too and help provide free eye care to millions of people around the world.”. Laubman & Pank proudly supports OneSight Foundation through our staff donating their time at vision clinics, making payroll deductions, helping with fundraising and collecting eyewear for recycling…read full article.

Plants make a difference: Pink Ribbon Plants represents a unified effort of independent retail garden centers and the growers that support them in a collective effort to raise awareness as well as important funding for breast cancer research…read full info.

We have power in a stride: Walk. Run. Or here is a good idea – donate your shoes. A good partnership happened this year, between Soles4Souls®, the Shoe Charity, and New Balance who partnered for Haitian Relief Efforts. New Balance helped collect footwear and funds to support Soles4Souls’ commitment to donate more than 1.3 million pairs of shoes to affected areas…full release.

So….what will you do now? Be creative with your ideas, and…

Show some passion.
Have a reason.
Give a damn.
Make a difference.