Social business.

[dropcap2]Y[/dropcap2]es, you have noticed correctly. There has been an intense uprising of social media over the last couple of years.

Is your business being social on the web?

There’s the blog. The twitter account. The Facebook Fan Page. The…

Now remember, profit equals repeat customers. Customers that boast about your project, product, or service, AND that bring friends with them. Where does the conversation happen? On-Line.  “Empowered Consumers” is what we have. It is where we are in this media business era.

Social Sharing.

Customers. Clients. Staff. Media. Businesses and Organizations. We are all here together.

“The consumer isn’t a moron; she is your wife”. ~David Ogilvy

Humans wish to be social.

Participate in a two-way conversation. Social means interaction. Not just broadcasting messages. But interacting and learning and sharing online.

Retail on Facebook? Yes, where the ability to assist in driving brand awareness and build demand. Get your customers to find you before they search. As the Facebook whitepaper states: “bring brand and product awareness to the forefront, influencing consumer behavior and increasing purchase intent.”

Being social online is important. Google recently updated to include improved personal profiles. Article “Google Pimps Out Personal Profiles” – “The new Profile looks a bit more like the Info page on your Facebook profile, with your photo in the top left corner, essential information about you below, while a scrapbook of photos and more detailed info about your occupation, employment, education and whereabouts dominates the biggest part of the page…As the world of online shopping continues to evolve and adapt to consumer demands, certain themes have proven paramount: namely personalization and social sharing. Highly disruptive to the traditional fashion retail model has been the adoption of “crowdsourcing”.”

For example on a Mashable Article “How Fashion Retailers Are Redefining E-Commerce With Social Media” : Soufi Esmaeilzadeh, CEO of Desquval, which launched in November, echoes Klinger’s sentiment. She cites the essentials for every social fashion brand: “Twitter share, Facebook share, the ability to share reactions to product, love product, login through Facebook Connect and connect with other social networks so as to share activities with friends.”

…”As for the biggest thing Of A Kind shoppers are asking for? “More social media integration … they want to be able to tweet about a purchase or add it to their Facebook page,” Mazur says. “They’ve asked to see how other people are wearing and styling our product. So, we started a Facebook album to account for so many people taking pictures of their purchases.”

Crowdsourcing has become more and more popular. It is a model based on many people contributing to an idea, product, or service that would have usually been done by one person. Crowdsourcing helps cultivate creativity and innovation – and brand development and loyalty.  Crowdsourcing tools? Social Media sites and applications.

How Do Facebook Fan Pages Give You Traffic? It is important to understand the mindset behind a fan page. It is not for yelling or begging.

A tip: implement one of the most powerful blog promotional tools in the history of blogging – the Facebook fan page. Here is an article I found last month for example: “10 Ways to Build a Successful Fan Page for Your Blog” – “Instead of it working like SEO or even paid traffic, look at your fan page as a second mailing list. A much more interactive mailing list.”.

As social media managers, the one thing that is very different about a social media job as compared to a regular job is that the social media world NEVER SLEEPS. It is a gateway open 24/7.

Have a strategy. Your business, small or big, should have a plan for being social. Communicate your goals online and share.

Every communication move impacts your brand.