JT Potts is the Founder of Stoneboard Consulting

and provides creative direction while working closely with other industry service providers and creative teams to design business solutions for our diverse clients.

JT is also known as “Brandmaven”.

Who is she?

A Brand Builder.
Digital Queen.
Visual Designer.
Creative Business Consultant.
Logo Lover.
Intellectual Magpie.
User Interface (UX) Designer.
Critical Thinking Junkie.
Website architect.
NLP Advertising Consultant.
Start Up Coach.
Fashion Designer.
Fur Mom of five.
Proud Canadian.
Business Mogul.
Handler & Coach.
Problem Solver.
Creative Director.

JT, a.k.a. “Brandmaven”, is not your typical business consultant. She has almost 20-years of experience in marketing, business consulting, design, advertising and event management – and still retains the same chic and edgy attitude she entered the industry with. JT is both artistically inclined and tech-savvy with a ruthless “Mr. Wolfe” business approach. She and her project colleagues are firm believers in taking a holistic approach to projects and will go green whenever possible. With Brandmaven, there is no waste of time or development bloat. She’s there to get the job done in the most creative and professional way possible. All you need to do is ask.

Brandmaven is at the head of the new creative class.

JT has worked with top national brands, various entrepreneurs and social profits, such as:
Brand Consulting:  Remax, IF Footwear, Telus, Shoppers Drug Mart, x3 Labs, Summer Chef School, United Way & Musclemag.
Brand Design: Pretty Chic, Chef Brenner, CanKor, Winter Hawks, Run for Life & The Rock Spa.

Brandmaven’s strategy? The science of branding.

Enjoy some marketing realities below, put together by our Founder & Brandmaven.

Your potential customers can’t hear you.

Developing a psychometric profile helps to maximize the value of your advertising dollar by ensuring your message stands out from a sea of static.

Your logo is making me sick. 

Using your marketing assets in unsanitary ways can cause a nasty case of brand contamination. Ongoing brand maintenance ensures a long term healthy marketing presence.

Usability Matters.

Whether your customer’s first contact is online or in your store, the experience should be simple, intuitive and ultimately provide them the solutions they seek.

Stop confusing your clients

Your brand materials need to send a consistent message. Without marketing congruency your customers will second guess.

Our Brandmaven, JT, is best characterized by Pulp Fiction’s Mr. Wolfe –

The Wolf: You’re Jimmie, right? This is your house?
Jimmie: Sure is.
The Wolf: I’m Winston Wolfe. I solve problems.
Jimmie: Good, we have one.
The Wolf: So I heard. May I come in?
Jimmie: Uh, yeah, please do.

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