Stoneboard is a Canadian Brand Consulting & Design Agency

We are a creative consulting firm that offers you fresh solutions for all types of business-related problems.  Be a part of the business betterness movement. Work with us to create a fresh approach for your team and improve your corporate culture, branding strategy and more. We also love to make things pretty – and are always thinking of fresh approaches to brand image development, business retail and fashion design.

Primarily, we are here to solve problems
(and – ahem – to get #%?! done).

Do you have a special product or service? Have innovative ideas and wish to put them into action? We put those ideas in minds.  We put those products in hands.

We cultivate and develop innovative ideas, taking your message, and deliver it effectively, using all types of communication. Stoneboard works with you to make your business larger, by establishing and increasing your image and brand value.

Our founder is always looking for new and intriguing ways to express our creativity. Our work ranges from fine art and design to logistics and merchandising. Incorporating in-depth research and the latest technology, we make sure that the right people hear your message, and connect with it. Most important, we help you realize who you want to connect with.

Is there something missing? We can help you find out. The Stoneboard professional team will guide you, creatively and effectively, to meet your target audience.

Our team: At Stoneboard, we enjoy collaboration. By using your strength, ingenuity, and skill, we overcome obstacles and achieve your goals. Stoneboard is partnered with the best in the business, but is particularly drawn to those who possess like qualities, including strength, experience, conscience, reliability and creative.

Some of our beliefs:  Hierarchical corporate structure is “so 19th Century”.  Complexity of systems and management of on-site technology is “so 20th Century”. Remove bait & switch marketing. Be honest. Use 21st Century SMM tools. Look at your corporate revenues increase. Let people manage themselves. Use technology. Create teams. Be transparent.  Research has shown for decades that money does not always equal increased performance.  Create the corporate culture you envisioned.  Move beyond the traditional enterprise sales strategies of dinosaurs.  Live your dreams.  Balance ideas, innovation, and design.  Have your brand known internationally. Have fun. Enjoy your business.

Step into the future with Stoneboard.

Stoneboard Consulting was constructed, envisioned & designed by our creative founder, JT Potts.

Find JT here:

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Looking for Brand Maven?

Offices in Kitchener, Waterloo, Guelph and Toronto.